Ice Creamery

T.O.A.D Hall is famous for it's Real Fruit Ice Creams. We use both ice cream and frozen yoghurt and have a large variety of flavours available. These  berries are always sourced locally if possible. We also cater to those who are after something other that a real fruit ice cream, with our large variety of gelatos and sorbets also in stock. For those who cannot have dairy, we have fruit frostys and sorbets on offer and also have the option of Gluten Free cones. We now also do Vegan real fruit Ice Creams using a coconut ice cream base and your choice of frozen berries!

Wild Tomato Review

“Set in The Old Anglican Diocese, this acronymically-named store and cafe serves up some mean cream”

“You may have visions of grandeur”

5/5 Review

Nelson Mail Review

“Toad Hall in Motueka makes natural fruit ice creams. You get to choose which fruit and then watch as staff make it. I'm pretty sure real fruit ice cream is the same everywhere but somehow it just tastes better in Motueka”

“Maybe it tastes better because you know that Toad Hall is pretty much self-sufficient, with most things organic and grown locally. The cafe out the back is the perfect place to sit and enjoy the moment”

— Elizabeth Bean